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This Memorial website is in memory of my Baby Girl Sydney Paige Brown .She was born on December 14th 2004 at 9:58 pm. She weighed 5 pounds and 9 ounces and she was 18 3/4 inches long. She had Beautiful black hair and gorgeous skin like her father. Sydney has a big brother Brandon 11,and two sisters  Lacey 8, and Savannah 3. She has two grandmothers Marlena and Jo Ellen. Three great-grandmothers Joanna, Veda, and Romania. She also has Grandpas Gilbert, Russell, and Paul. She is loved by her Aunt Angela and Dezeray and 1 Uncle Paul Jr. and lots of other family and friends. Sydney received her angel wings on December 23rd 2004. She will always remain in our hearts and be loved and remembered forever and always.
Rest in peace my sweet baby girl Sydney. Mommy and daddy will see you again someday. - 2.2 K - 2.2 K
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My Darling Angel in Heaven...You are missed more than words can say by everyone who loved you. Not a day goes by that you are not on momy's mind. I wish that you could be here growing up with your brother and sisters and family but I know that you are quite content where you are now and I know that one day we will see each other again
To everyone who has experienced the same loss as me....I pray that god touch your hearts and give you the strength everday to live. We all know it is the most difficult thing to except and some days are harder than others and there's times when you just can't understand why the good lord took them from us, but just know that they are with you at all times and forever will be your Guardian Angels. God Bless all of you!

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Easter chick carrying an painted egg

Two smiling eyes are sleeping,
Two busy hands are still.
The one we loved so deeply
Is resting at God's will.
May she always walk in sunshine,
God's love around her glow.
For all the happiness she gave us,
Only a few will ever know.
It broke our hearts to lose her
But she did not go alone.
For part of us went with her
The day God called her home.


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Tributes and Condolences
Missing my baby girl everyday   / April Brown (mother)
You never said I'm leaving,you never said goodbye.You were gone before I knew it,and only god knew why.A million time I've needed you,a million times I've cried.If love alone could've saved you... you never would have died.In life I loved you dea...  Continue >>
happy b day   / David Brown (father)
I miss you and your mom give her hugs for me please wat give her hugs for me please watch over us and keep us safe
Missing you!!   / Dezray Peters (Aunti)
Hey baby girl!! I am missing you and your mommy so much!!! I never really got to spend time with you! but I did come visit you. If I knew our time together was so short I would have stayed longer and got to know you more I do love you you are family ...  Continue >>
happy halloween girls   / Pamela Tenney (a family friend )
dreams of you   / Melanie
I had a beautiful dream of you last night. For awhile now, when i picture you, it's of your expressions in photos, not in motion. But in my dream you we're standing in front of an old clapboard school house. The wind was blowing your hair off and out...  Continue >>
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Aprils memorial benefit  / April Selph (friend)    Read >>
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we love  / Kymmie Johnson (Mommie's friend )    Read >>
Happy Easter! Always in my thoughts!  / Eva Bates (ANGEL MOM&FRIEND )    Read >>
sweet sydney  / Melanie Troendle (Mommy and Daddys friend )    Read >>
beautiful story-reminds me of Sydney.  / April Selph (friend)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Angel Baby  

A sweet baby girl from heaven
Was sent to from up above
To show the world around her
The Innocence of pure love.

But her time on earth was brief
For Jesus has a need
To bring his baby angel home
To sit upon his knee.

Now she is where she's safe and warm
Within his loving care
And we shall '' ALWAYS '' know the love
She left for us to share.

She's with her great- great gramma
Whose gentle touch she'll feel
For all of the time she'll be with her
And now our hearts can heal.

A time, I know will come someday
We'll meet her again once more
For that's a promise of our god
To lead us to his shore.

God bless little Sydney Paige Brown so new to
This world and so soon to leave....lord .guide
Her back to heaven on angels wings....amen
December 14 , 2004-December 23, 2004

I believe in Angels  


Our Beautiful little Angel Forever!  

Sydney Paige Brown you have given me so much in life.
I didn't get to be with you for long, but the time I did share with you will be in my heart forever. I remember your sweet little face and your big feet the most! You are my beautiful angel forever. I questioned God asking him why he did this to me and I didn't get an answer until one day I realized that god took you from me because I was afraid of Dying. He knew that was my biggest fear in life. And now that fear is gone thanks to you. God knows my plan and one day I will meet  you at the gates and I can't wait until that day. Sydney Mommy loves you and will never forget you.
Goodnight Sweetie Pie.



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